Sunday, September 19, 2010

St. Louis Blues: Pay Half for Season Tickets if We Miss Playoffs

blues logoImpressive!

The St. Louis Blues have made a pact with (some of) their season ticket holders. Pay half for your season tickets now, and pay the other half when the Blues make the playoffs. If they don't make it to the post-season, then the second half of the season ticket payment does not come due.

This is the kind of thinking that gets people on board and results in some great vibes. Also convinces fans that the team is serious about making improvements and offering the best on-ice product possible.

And just a tad more thoughtful than certain NHL teams that miss the playoffs for the better part of a decade and do nothing to make amends. One team pulled a different kind of off-season gesture for fans a few years ago following numerous post-seasons out and already with the highest ticket prices in the league. They raised prices again!

Granted, the offer from the Blues only applies to 400 potential seats. And of course, if the demand for tickets was great enough, this kind of promotion wouldn't happen. Still, great idea from the Blues.

st. louis blues arena layout

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