Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Design Geniuses at Work for the Vancouver Canucks

Canucks logoAt the beginning of the season I did a review of some of the e-mail bulletins that most NHL teams send out to fans, who can sign-up for the newsletters on the relevant websites. Often there is a general update of goings-on as well as pre and post game reports. It's been a nice surprise to find that most don't mince words when writing up the post-game analysis for games in which their team played poorly.

The Islanders bulletin still stands out as one of the better ones for design, content and different features, such as their ongoing "pick and win" contest that they alerted subscribers to earlier in the season.

Some other bulletins haven't maintained the same standard.

The Vancouver Canucks don't exactly have a history that includes creating well-designed logos and team uniforms. Their current jerseys have that odd, pasted on "Vancouver" lettering that ruins what would otherwise be one of their better sweaters compared to past years.

Similarly, while their e-mail updates have had some good content, they've also included some of the worst possible banners.

This was the first one that appeared in the pre-season. What the hell is this all about? Who is the individual sitting there studying his notes? Is that Alain Vigneault the Vancouver head coach? There are some laser beams coming out of his face. There's a creepy looking individual lurking in the chairs behind him. Perhaps an accurate premonition of the early season play of the team and the desire of some to come up behind Vigneault and do some damage.

Canucks banner

Whoever designs and sends out the e-mails for the Canucks seemed to finally recognize that this wasn't the most effective effort. The following replacement popped up for the first time in October.

The piss poor job of cutting out player images when they were obviously on the ice and pasting them onto the dressing room background looks amateurish enough. The position of the stick of one Canuck's player was perhaps chosen to appeal to female fans. And the motivational words above the stalls are OK I suppose, though they just happen to be related to the areas in which the Canucks are most lacking this season.

Canucks banner

As the Canucks began slowly building up one of the worst home records in the league, the next banner showed up. What's the message supposed to be?

"Yes, we've got some of the most expensive tickets in the league yet we're sold out every game. With the putrid effort we've been serving up to our home fans, THIS is probably what we deserve..."

(It did occur to me that this is probably a photo of Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo. Perhaps he's pondering what happened to all the accolades from last season.)

Canucks banner

Lately they've been going with something a bit more relevant and to the point.

Canucks banner


This one featuring Alain Vigneault makes a person wonder what he's thinking in light of recent developments.

Canucks banner

"Which one of these s.o.b.'s am I gonna call out next?"

Maybe they're trying to maintain the great tradition of design associated with the team. Or perhaps just giving an opportunity to the cleaning staff to improve their lot in life.

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