Monday, September 10, 2007

You're Invited to the Unveiling of the New Leafs Jersey...

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If you lay out 140 bucks Canadian that is.

Not quite like the open house events that numerous other clubs held for their jersey launches. Many of the teams threw the doors open for free for fans who wanted to be some of the first to lay eyes on the long awaited new sweaters.

The Leafs, however, are only allowing fans to attend by invitation. 45 of those invitations will be forthcoming only if you cough up for a new jersey, sight unseen during a narrow 36 hour time period (time's just about up!)

I understand the rabid interest for the Leafs in Toronto and surrounding areas but this just seems a bit crass.

Oh, I caught wind of this Leafs marketing genius inspired event courtesy of their latest e-mail update:

"Ken, be among the first to sport the new Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. Buy NOW* and receive free shipping. Be one of the first 45 people to purchase and you and a guest will be invited to the exclusive Leafs Jersey Launch Event** on September 12th, 2007 at Air Canada Centre! Join media, Leafs and Marlies personalities and more as we unveil the new Toronto Maple Leafs RbK EDGE Uniform.

* To qualify: jersey must be purchased between September 10, 2007 and noon on September 11, 2007; you must spend a minimum of $139.99 Cdn before taxes. Only applicable to sales of adult Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Marlies Rbk EDGE Uniform jerseys.

** First 45 fans to buy a new Toronto Maple Leafs or Toronto Marlies jersey will receive a pass for two people to attend the unveiling event at Air Canada Centre on September 12, 2007. Event by invitation only, must bring confirmation email along with photo I.D. to the event. Invitations to event will be issued in the order that orders are received and credit card transactions approved. Incidentals including travel to and from ACC not included. If tickets are unused, they will be forfeited and no alternate gift will be provided."

You know what? On reflection, this is not something worthy of being slammed. The Leafs are going to sell a boatload of their new get-ups and many of those will be lapped up in the first few hours they're available. So why not give 45 of those individuals the opportunity to attend the event?

Yes, the bashing the Leafs take from all sides can get tiresome, so for the lucky few who plonked down the 140 for their jerseys and were selected, have fun.

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