Tuesday, September 4, 2007

This Week in Hockey

nhllogo1.gifThe new NHL uniforms are being released at a fast and furious clip. Some horrific results such as those from Ottawa and Vancouver. Some clean, instant classics as well, including Boston (as it's based on the already classic look), Columbus and oh...OK Detroit, another original 6 team that hasn't altered its look too much.

The Canucks new sweater has the bland "Vancouver" lettering above the logo. It has a pasted on look, and feels like it was an afterthought. Apparently design decisions are sometimes taken based on the notion that being different for its own sake trumps creativity and aesthetics. The latest in a long line of less than impressive Canucks jerseys shatters that canard all over the ice.

The problem with Ottawa's jersey is that the Senators have a logo that somehow doesn't look like a logo should. It feels like it was drawn by an art school student who was trying to make it look as realistic as possible. Distracting and not at all successful in creating the menacing effect they were after. The facial expression on the warrior depicted looks more petulant than anything.

A number of the new threads are just to damned busy. Too many stripes on the arms and odd zigs and zags that in at least one example make it appear as though the players are wearing capes (Florida.) Yet the lack of horizontal stripes at the bottom of many teams' new sweaters makes them feel incomplete.

In other news, the Canada/Russia 8 game super series doesn't seem to be generating the reaction that the organizers hoped would result from the 35th anniversary junior version of the '72 classic. It's been mostly marred by what appears to be a mismatch, with Canada cruising to fairly easy wins in the first 4 games. No opportunity to watch the action in this part of the world but it would be great to see John Tavares and some of the other up and coming NHLers from both sides playing in the series. As the teams now head back to Canada, it will be interesting to see what level of excitement there is on that side of the pond.

Speaking of Tavares, he wants to be given a waiver so that he is eligible for next year's NHL draft. His (and likely his family's) logic doesn't wash with me. Regardless of how many days you are away from being eligible as related to your date of birth, a cut-off is a cut-off. Allow one exception and it won't be long before others are demanding the same treatment and there are potential court challenges etc. A whiff, just barely a whiff of the nastiness with which Lindros entered the league so many years ago. Please man, do the honourable thing, suck it up and pay your dues like everyone else.

Mark Bell has been suspended indefinitely due to his latest conviction regarding drink driving and leaving the scene of an accident. Just can't find it in myself to feel any pity for this guy though I do hope he gets things sorted out and salvages what's left of his career.

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