Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Scott Niedermayer Situation

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Gets stranger and stranger.

The Anaheim Ducks have now suspended stalwart, iconic, legendary very good defenseman Scott Niedermayer pending his decision to either return for the coming season or retire.

It's to the point where you've got to start wondering what else is at play in this rather odd situation. Well, you don't have to, but it's a great jumping off point to offer wild conjecture, start rumours and insinuate the kind of conspiratorial possibilities that can rush in to fill the void when people are eager for information but have been provided with little.

Often people will avoid facing down situations where a hard decision has to be made. There may be subconscious machinations at work that are too difficult or awkward to consider. This happens very often in personal relationships where one party doesn't have the stomach to just come out and say they've had their fill of the other for no good reason except that they want to sample someone else's wares. It can be much easier to push things to a confrontation (consciously or otherwise) and use that as an escape hatch.

Just for the sake of totally unsubstantiated speculation, perhaps Niedermayer is motivated to return and try to add to his crate full of trophies, awards and accomplishments...with another team. Sometimes the easiest way forward for some people is to burn bridges, if only for the reason that the last remaining possibility is then to move forward.

Or maybe, as many have suggested, he would simply like a free pass regarding the strains and exertions of training camp.

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