Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sal the Hockey Playing Sociopath

"How has it come to this?

You can be walking down the street and some son-of-a-bitch can curse at you, spit in your face, insult you with the nastiest of verbal assaults, and you are unable to respond with your fists. He knows that. He thrives on the thrill of antagonizing and mocking you. And if you dare to respond in the most logical and honourable of ways, you will be thrown in a cage.

This has raised the stock of gutless, insidious behaviour. The sneering roaches of the world have been handed a perfect set-up to ply their miserable tactics.

And if I challenge them to settle things in a fair, simple, easy to understand way I get labeled the criminal!

What kind of worthless society have we built for ourselves when a low-life can provoke you into snapping and then stand mocking you from the gallery as you're banged up for mashing his face into the concrete? We praise as shrewd the filth who manipulate and trick us into handing over our hard earned cash, we hold them up as businessmen and heap scorn on those who were taken, ridiculing them as unsophisticated for daring to think there should be any honour in the world, the basic decency that a person's word means something...

And without the cold simple deterrent of fists fracturing orbital bones, this insanity continues on unchecked!!

I'm getting sick of this...SICK OF THIS NASTINESS!! It's know you're being mocked by the filth everywhere you go..they can see it your face and you recognize the look they give off...they don't even have to speak...they know they've got the power over you because they don't have what it takes to settle things the right way...and when they take that path where they get inside your mind and start playing with you without even saying a word then THERE ARE NO MORE RULES...IT'S TIME TO SHOW THEM WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT...I"M GONNA RATTLE SOME CAGES BOY!!! WATCH THOSE SMUG LOOKS GET WIPED AWAY AND REPLACED WITH THE SAME FEAR THESE SCUM HAVE FORCED ME TO EXPERIENCE.....I'M GONNA HURT EM!!!! SPLATTERED GUTS....INNARDS..."

"Sal! Sal! screwed up again. You didn't time it right..."

"Wha...What?! Ah geez..."

"Anyway, there's too much nuance involved. What's all this build-up and talk with people coughing up their money and all that crap? There's got to be at least some genuine emotion in there. Simpler. Something that gets right into your nasty little reptilian brain and ramps up the rage. Anyway, it's the timing like I said before. You don't hit the ice for another 10 minutes. You peaked way too soon."

"Yeah. That's true. I've got to start the rap before we head out but those slivers of rage shouldn't start jabbing until we hit the ice and I can get some of those creeps in my line of vision..."

"Yeah! Those same creeps you play golf with!"

"You son-of-a-bitch! Don't remind me of that now! What's it gonna be then?"

"Old stand by. They raped your sister..."

"As good as any..."

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