Saturday, September 15, 2007

Links Page

Leafs logoOilers logoI've added a new static links page that will be an archive of various blogs that I read on a regular basis.

The first entry is a relatively new blog called He Score, He Shoot! It concentrates on the Leafs and Oilers but also has a lot of other great content related to the game of hockey. And content is the key word.

When a blog is new, the novelty factor spurs many people on to post at a frenetic pace, though the test is whether it will be around for the long haul. Some new bloggers can't even make a strong showing out of the blocks and quickly succumb to the biggest downfall of writer wannabes: lack of production.

That nasty cliche that goes something like "I'll only post when the notion strikes me," is a sign a blog will likely die an early and un-noticed death. Many bloggers don't seem to understand that writing begets writing. Set aside time every day and before long the content you churn out will begin to extrapolate itself, ideas will lead to more ideas and develop into other half-baked theories and topics will present themselves at an unstoppable clip.

The posters at He Score, He Shoot! are off to a good start, though the Leafs posters are contributing the most content and are trying to badger the others into adding their fair share. Many good article length posts that include hockey video game reviews, nostalgia pieces and NHL news.

Hopefully they will keep posting at the current rate.

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