Sunday, September 16, 2007

10 Reasons Hockey is Better than Other Sports

10. In hockey, players have a lethal weapon on each foot and one in their hands. In soccer, the only ones with weapons are the fans.

9. In hockey, you can try to drive a player out of bounds, but thick, immovable boards get in the way. In soccer, a light summer breeze can send a player sailing out of bounds with the nearest opponent being penalized.

8. Hockey teams change their lineups on the fly. In American football everything grinds to a halt while the players lumber off and “fresh” players come wheezing on.

7. In hockey, if you’re fat you won’t play at a high level. In Major League Baseball, if you’re fat you may get a free pass when it’s your turn at bat.

6. In soccer, former 3rd world dictators are allowed to buy professional teams. In hockey, billionaire Canadian businessmen aren’t allowed to buy NHL teams…Hey!! Wait a minute…

5. In hockey, when a coach passes away there are genuine all around displays of emotion and respect. In cricket, when a coach dies there is genuine concern that the fans may have killed him.

4. Blood contrasts with ice while it blends in with grass, dirt and gymnasium floors.

3. An entire hockey game is worth watching. You can tune into the final few minutes of a basketball game and see all that is necessary.

2. Hockey is the fastest team sport in the world.

1. Hockey is the perfect combination of all that is great in sport. It combines speed, violence and grace…the greatest game!!!!

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  1. I love basketball and have been playing for years but hockey is way harder to play, as I would know becasue I just started a few months ago.