Monday, August 20, 2007

NHL Team E-mail Bulletins: St. Louis Blues

Blues logoI like this photo of Doug Weight that appears in the most recent e-mail update from the St. Louis Blues:

Weight Blues Sure it's only about flogging tickets, but it's clever and memorable.

Speaking of the e-mail bulletins that most NHL teams send out, as with the related websites, there is a wide variety of effort and quality concerning the content offered up by different clubs.

The look of all sites is slick and professional but there are varying degrees of creativity and a sense of how much concern and time was applied from what I've seen so far.

Indicative of how the teams treat their fans and how seriously they take their public image or simply down to the particular employees assigned to that task?

An interesting question I think and one worth exploring.

In the weeks to come I will be reviewing NHL team websites, e-mail bulletins, creative aspects and degree of effort involved and what it means for fans of those teams.

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